PlayTank in Suspended Animation

PlayTank, Inc. is currently on hiatus. I have rejoined Microsoft, where I am working as a developer on Office for Mac. To avoid possible conflict of interest, I am suspending all business activities of PlayTank, Inc. Will we be back someday? At this point, the only thing I know for sure is that I'm working with a great team of people on a pretty incredible project. And yes, we really are Mac people, and we really want to make Mac Office great, and we're not perfect but I think we did a damn fine job on 2008. Remember that time when Excel didn't crash? That might have been me ;-)

Latest Activities

There has been a dearth of posting on the site lately. For that, I apologize. At the beginning of this year, I started a contract with a local software development company. I have been making extensive use of the knowledge I gained in the past year of investigating the Mac, and now I'm contributing to a well-known OS X application. I'm working with a great team of people, and I expect I'll be doing more with them in the future.

The one thing that blows me away is the difference between the PowerPC Macs and the Intel boxes. I've got a G5 PowerMac and a Mac Pro on my desk. And the difference in compilation speed is incredible.

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