IT Infrastructure Revisited

Over a year ago, I posted an article about the IT Infrastructure I am using for my business. I thought it was time to revisit that article and see what has changed, and why.

Source Code Control
Last year I was using the free single-user version of PerForce. As I look towards scaling my business, however, this becomes an expensive option. I still think this is a fantastic product. I have switched, however, to Subversion. This is also a fantastic product, and it's free. As an added benefit, the Subversion (or SVN) model of editing allows you to be completely disconnected from the server while working on code. This allows me to keep my source code on my laptop and edit away while I travel. I am very impressed with Subversion, and that's now my recommendation for Source Code Control.

File Server
I have moved my file system from Windows to Ubuntu Linux. Setting up the network to allow easy access to all of the Windows and OS X machines on my network was much easier with Linux. Installation was a breeze, and the wizards in the Desktop install made it easy for me to get everything set up. Yes, I know that purists will tell me I should use the server install and do everything by editing config files by hand. But I don't want to spend my time administering a file server. I want to use it. And the desktop Ubuntu install makes that a breeze.

eMail and Web Hosting
I have moved my business to Site5. The main reason for doing this is that I became interested in Ruby, and I wanted a site that could host this. I also began hosting sites for a number of other people. A Site5 multi-hosting account allowed me to isolate my customers on one virtual server while I could experiment on another. This isolation makes me feel better that my playing around won't affect them, and that they can't hurt my main site. I have also moved my domain registrations from Network Solutions to Site5, who resell domain services from I was getting tired of logging in to my administration interface at NetSol and having to work through two pages of ads just to configure my DNS. Add one bad experience from a customer of mine with NetSol, and I've moved my business away.