About PlayTank

PlayTank, Inc. is a (currently) small software development and consulting company operating out of Kirkland, Washington. We are founded on the principle that software should be a pleasure to use, and that writing software should be a creative experience. Our goal is to build software that users enjoy using, and to enjoy ourselves while building it. After considerable experience working at larger software companies, we believe that there is a place for fun and enjoyment in professional software development.

PlayTank develops custom software solutions and offers contracting services. We have helped large experience teams improve their internal build processes. Our custom software ran the Microsoft Media Center demo stations in thousands of stores across North America when that product launched. We have provided strategic advice to clients looking to focus their product design strategies and improve internal product development practices.

The name "PlayTank" derives from the goal of our business. The structure of the business allows individual contributors to focus on working with customers on projects which match their skill sets and interests. This talent pool, or "Tank", allows us to match our clients up with experienced programmers, managers and consultants to meet their needs.

After many years in the industry, we have a firm belief that the best work is done by people who truly enjoy what they are doing. Our corporate philosophy centers on the idea that people are more important than software. We believe in reasonable schedules, strong communication, and "sustainable development." Having seen the "death march" method of shipping software, we know that such a method produces poor code, burns out everyone involved, and leads to a bad end result. While we take development seriously, we always try to hold on to the concept of "Play" while we work.

PlayTank is currently working on some internal projects, as well as working on external contracts. If you have a project that needs experienced development or management help, or if you have any questions, please contact us. And please check out our corporate philosophy page. We believe that software development practices can be both professional and playful at the same time, and that the end result will be better products delivered to happier customers.