PlayTank, Inc. holds to the following principles:

Software is a tool. The goal in writing any piece of software is to help a user complete a task. If a computer and software do not make a task easier, there is no reason for that software to exist. We will always work with our clients to ensure that we create the best tool for the task at hand. If that task can be done better without software, we won't try to sell you software

People are more important than software (I). The needs of the client are more important than any technology or methodology. We work closely with our clients to quickly and professionally to understand the needs of our clients and meet those needs. We are signatories of the Agile Manifesto. We do not force Agile Methods, or any methods, on our clients if they won't help or are not wanted.

People are more important than software (II). We believe in Sustainable Development. We do not believe in death-march development, overtime as a standard practice, or committing to deadlines that cannot be met without exacting harsh consequences on our developers. We will work to provide a reasonable deadline for your projects that allows us to work at a sustainable pace. This allows us the ability to spend the time to develop excellent software of high quality that meets our client's needs. If we don't think we can meet your deadline, we will tell you up front. If speed is more important to you than quality, you will need to find another developer.

Developing software should be enjoyable. There is no reason that being professional and working hard should preclude having fun and enjoying the job. We believe that we get the best work from ourselves when we create an environment that allows time for creative play. This is such a strong belief that it forms part of our name.

The truth is important. When a developer hides the status of the project from a customer, or makes false promises, the only possible outcomes are stress and/or disappointment. This is no way to run a business, our or yours. If we are having problems, we will let you know as soon as possible. This allows both you and us to work to correct our course and our expectations. Software development is not a trivial task, and it is not without risk. We are professionals, we create excellent software, and we work hard. We are not perfect. If you seek perfection, or would rather have your software developer hide their imperfections from you, we are probably not the partner for you.