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Vista: Not another XP

Vista is the first significant OS release from Microsoft in 5 years. It’s also the first consumer Windows release since Windows 3.1 (1992) where I am not working at Microsoft during the end of the release cycle. And though I am not at Microsoft, I still know a lot of people there. And it appears, at least from where I sit, that this release has one major difference from all the others. Well, all the others but one.

That difference is the general excitement of the Microsoft developer staff about the product. And I measure that by the number of people who have access to the beta or RC bits and yet have not installed them at home. The practice of “dogfooding” the latest and greatest has been something that MS has kept as a cultural core value. From what I’ve seen, very few ’softies are taking the plunge and putting Vista on their home machines. And from conversations, I know that many don’t plan on getting Vista installed any time soon.

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